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Something a bit different

22 Jan

ZERO TO HERO: Try out a new element


This task for the Zero to Hero challenge requires me to try a different way of including content within a post.  I sometimes do photos (blurring student faces to abide by privacy policies), and I’m not feeling brave enough to try a video just yet – maybe later on this year 🙂 So I thought I would introduce you (or reacquaint you) to Pinterest – one of the most exciting and accessible (not to mention fun) resources for all things teaching – and everything else too.

Have you joined Pinterest? You should!

Check out my profile and make sure you have a look at the people that I follow – there are lots of wonderful teachers and blogs out there 🙂

For some suggestions of how you could use Pinterest to engage your students in your classroom head over to elearningindustry.


Day Two and Three: Zero to Hero

12 Jan

DAY TWO: What’s my name?

Teacher on Training Wheels

As I become more experienced as a teacher this blog title may appear less appropriate… I mean, surely a teacher can’t be ‘in-training’ forever, right? Well, yes and no.  The time will come, as I become more experienced, for me to support and mentor new teachers as they begin their own journey.  It will continue to be important for me to step up and seek out leadership opportunities – whether formal or informal.  In order to do this I will need to be confident in my own teaching philosophy and trust my professional judgement.  Training wheels in this context may not seem so fitting.

This is where my beliefs about the importance of teachers being lifelong learners come into play.  I love learning.  That is a huge part of why I became a teacher – because I have a passion for learning and want to encourage and support children to become passionate learners as well.  For me, it is less about the content and more about the attitude.  I want to see children WANT to learn – to be excited about asking questions, to seek ways to apply their learning, to pursue learning for the joy of it (rather than because they ‘have’ to).  I’m sure you’ll agree that children learn a huge amount through what they see modelled.  As a teacher I want to be modelling what inquiry looks like in adulthood.  I want my students to see me asking questions, seeking feedback, applying my new understanding and reflecting on my growth.  This is where I hope that the title “Teacher on Training Wheels” will always be relevant.  I never want to lose my drive to learn.  When I do it will be time for me to find a new career.

So, that’s a little bit about my name.  Even if you don’t have your own blog have a think about what your title or tagline might be for your own teaching career? Is there a phrase that sums up your philosophy or beliefs? Is there a headline that could keep you accountable for becoming and being the type of teacher that you believe is best for your students?

Quote #1

DAY THREE: What’s on my mind?

Is it just me? Am I the only one?

I found my first year of teaching an absolute whirlwind of thinking and reflecting.  I struggled to get my thoughts off my mind and into blog posts and that is something I am hoping to change this year.  To start with I would love to hear from you.  I am sure you all have had times when you have asked yourself “Is it just me?”… well this is your chance – what would you like to hear about? I would also love to have some guest posts this year so if there is something you are passionate about let me know.  Feel free to comment on this post or message me on Facebook.

Zero to Hero Bloggers

10 Jan

Zero to Hero is a blogging challenge that The Daily Post is running for the month of January.   The daily challenges are designed to encourage new and experienced bloggers to really connect with their readers.  I’m already behind and probably won’t manage one task a day but I’ll do my best to complete the challenges.  I’m hoping it will be a fun way to get myself back in the swing of blogging.  If you have a blog head over to The Daily Post and check out the challenges.

DAY ONE: Introduce Yourself

Who am I?

When I began this blog I was just finishing off my final year of my Bachelor of Education: Primary Degree and was looking forward to beginning my first year of teaching on a year 1/2 class.  Check out my TOT(W) Launch to see who I was when I began this blog 18 months ago.

Who am I now?

One year into my teaching career and I am pleased to say a number of things have not changed – I am still passionate about teaching, connecting teachers from all walks and reflecting on my practice in order to take action.  One of the biggest changes I have seen in myself is the growth in my confidence.  I have tested my beliefs about teaching, tried new things and have learned to believe in myself as a professional.  I have been through bumpy bits and questioned my ability to make a difference in the complex world of education but am realising continuing to be enthusiastic and collaborative will make a difference somewhere along the line – even if only small.

Why am I here?

I am here to reflect and document my own learning journey as well as to challenge, encourage and connect with other teachers from all walks of their teaching lives.  This year I would love to hear more from you and hopefully provide other teachers with a place that they can reflect, discuss and share.

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