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Split Screen Moment

3 Jul

I’m having an interesting split screen moment.  

I haven’t blogged in such a long time.  It’s been partly due to the business of teacher life and projects which fight for priority. But it’s also been much much more personal than that. 

I’ve had lots of ideas.  Lots of exciting, wonderful, challenging, thought-provoking moments.  There have been stories to tell and achievements to celebrate.  But I’ve been paralysed.  

How often do our students feel the same way.  Scared that their ideas are not valuable? That they’ll bore their audience…? That they’re really not very interesting and others are probably thinking about much more exciting things…?

How often do we push for students to speak up? Cheer them on through the tears…? Fight for their opportunity to share their voice…?
The truth is, I’ve been scared.  I’ve been playing it safe.  As teachers, we care so deeply about what we do that letting others in to see our passion is frightening.  But we ask our students to take risks, to be vulnerable, to build relationships and share their passions. 

So, I’m challenging myself to be a risk taker.  In actual fact…despite self doubt and fear of caring too much, I’m presenting two workshops at a conference on the weekend about things which I’m really excited about.  

Am I worried that no one will be interested…? Yes!

Am I scared that I’ll forget what to say or bore my audience? Totally!

But I’m also motivated by the opportunity to share my own experiences of risk taking with my students, to encourage them to care about things and believe in themselves.  

It’s all about relationships, right?

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