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Zero to Hero Bloggers

10 Jan

Zero to Hero is a blogging challenge that The Daily Post is running for the month of January.   The daily challenges are designed to encourage new and experienced bloggers to really connect with their readers.  I’m already behind and probably won’t manage one task a day but I’ll do my best to complete the challenges.  I’m hoping it will be a fun way to get myself back in the swing of blogging.  If you have a blog head over to The Daily Post and check out the challenges.

DAY ONE: Introduce Yourself

Who am I?

When I began this blog I was just finishing off my final year of my Bachelor of Education: Primary Degree and was looking forward to beginning my first year of teaching on a year 1/2 class.  Check out my TOT(W) Launch to see who I was when I began this blog 18 months ago.

Who am I now?

One year into my teaching career and I am pleased to say a number of things have not changed – I am still passionate about teaching, connecting teachers from all walks and reflecting on my practice in order to take action.  One of the biggest changes I have seen in myself is the growth in my confidence.  I have tested my beliefs about teaching, tried new things and have learned to believe in myself as a professional.  I have been through bumpy bits and questioned my ability to make a difference in the complex world of education but am realising continuing to be enthusiastic and collaborative will make a difference somewhere along the line – even if only small.

Why am I here?

I am here to reflect and document my own learning journey as well as to challenge, encourage and connect with other teachers from all walks of their teaching lives.  This year I would love to hear more from you and hopefully provide other teachers with a place that they can reflect, discuss and share.


TOT(W) Launch

13 Jul

Even though I have a few weeks before my training wheels are officially handed over I thought I would get started on this blog early (plus I need some excuses to procrastinate in the midst of my final 4 weeks of uni – BONUS!).

Firstly, TOT – what and why?

I like the term TOT for a number of reasons:

1. TOT – Young Child

Whilst policy, funding, agenda and curriculum are all important, at the end of the day teaching is about the children in my class – it is about seeing these young children grow; learn from experience and develop as members of our society.   No matter what happens in my teaching career I want to remember it’s about the TOTs.

2. TOT – Train of Thought

I want to be a conscious teacher; in the habit of reflecting, evaluating and putting my theory into practice.  In order to do this I need to be kept accountable.  I am blessed to have a number of wonderful, experienced teaching friends who I have no doubt will hold me to my commitment to reflective practice.  I am also lucky enough to be graduating with many other TOTs who are keen to make a difference.  This blog will act as a medium through which I can reflect and evaluate my practice.

3. TOT – Teacher on Training Wheels (Silent “W” :P)

The acronym seems fitting as I am a fresh graduate teacher leaping out of my own education and into the teaching profession – I am just a TOT in the world of teaching; excited to get my hands dirty but unsure of where to begin and definitely needing guidance along the way.

I believe that new teachers become great teachers by creating community with their peers and those more experienced than them.  I want to be that kind of teacher! It has been so exciting to see how our cohort have pulled together to help each other through our last semester of uni.  The familiar stress, common ambition and mutual need for motivation began a community spirit that was somewhat lacking in previous years.

My hope is that as we venture out into the teaching profession we will continue to support each other through our achievements and mishaps– encouraging one another to stay true to our mission to BE THE DIFFERENCE!

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